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Kids Martial Arts Levittown

I started this incredible journey 3 mo the ago! It was the best thing I could have ever done in my life!!!! I would was not a “work out” or active person at all but since starting Danielle and Victor have changed my whole outlook on living a healthy life staying fit and looking good. Whether there’s 20 people or 1 person you feel like it’s a 1 on 1 all the time. Danielle and victor make it a point to focus on each and everyone in the class!! They are supportive and meet YOUR needs not theirs!!! I would highly recommend for anyone that needs that extra push and have fun while doing it!

Megan D'Amato

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

If you’re looking for a challenging work out that you will never get bored of, Kick It Kickboxing is the place for you. There are a bunch of different class times to choose from to fit your schedule and the work outs are always changing, you never know what to expect. Danielle and Victor put their hearts and souls into every class to make sure you are pushing yourself and getting results. I’m so happy I joined this community of people supporting each out to be the best versions of themselves.

Laura Pollicino

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

This has been the only workout I’ve been able to stick to. Victor and Danielle help to motivate and push me every class. I always leave a class feeling great and like I had the best workout I could. After about two months of working out here I’m seeing results not only in the way my clothes fit but on the scale as well. This is the place to be!

Ashley Guenther

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

The classes here are awesome. Victor and Danielle are wonderful instructors who push you to your limits while still maintaining a supportive and positive atmosphere. They really care and want to go succeed. They encourage you to take things at your own pace, but they work hard to gradually increase your abilities. After just a month of classes I can see and feel the difference in my strength level, energy level and stamina. If you're looking for a tough but fun and supportive class that will give you great results, this is the place for you.

Jessica Kondogianis

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

I've been going for 2 months so far. And my experience has been phenomenal. I feel great and I look more defined in the mirror. I'm very happy with my results and I'm going to keep pushing through.

Charles Palemire

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

Joining Kick It Kickboxing was one of the best things I have done. I have always struggled going to the gym and could never feel fulfilled from a workout. Both Danielle and Victor are great instructors that are knowledgable, motivating and are always changing up the routines. The extremely small class sizes allow you to get personalized instruction so you are working out correctly and a one on one class isn't as intimidating as it seems! I am so grateful for my experiences here so far and look forward to continuing my journey here!

Stephanie DeLuca

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

Kick It kickboxing gave me the strength, endurance, balance, breath control, and self determination to spend 3.5 days climbing Mount Rainier. Victor and Danielle are expert instructors who really know how to push each individual student to their goals. I will be forever grateful to them for preparing me for this adventure of a lifetime in a way that not only allowed me to climb confidently, but with the physical and mental control to climb safely.

Mike Bello

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

Never met more knowledgeable instructors who actually care about your goals and what you want to become. The workouts are hard, but worth every drop of sweat!. Thanks guys!

Gregory Bodkin

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

I’ve only been going for a short while however I ALWAYS want to go back and looking forward to the next class before I leave the parking lot! Victor and Danielle are amazing; when they say “at your own pace” they mean it but at same time push you to do better. Very motivational and truly care about their classes!

Christina Michaleski

Kids Martial Arts Levittown

AWESOME classes! Before coming here I really struggled with going to the gym on my own. The instructors and members are extremely motivating. They are also concerned about how you are doing because they really care about your results. I HIGHLY recommend Kick It. You won't regret it

Tony Lipari

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